Calling All UK-based Lady Bloggers!

Spending time on Twitter of late, I cannot help but be a little bit envious of the meetups some of the Lady Bloggers of Australasia have been attending, and how much fun they all seem to be having. From extensive googling, it appears that there exists no such meeting of minds and blogs to organize meetups here in the UK, aside from those organised by organisations such as Wordcamp, so I thought I would see if there is any interest from UK (and further afield if you can get here!)-based lady bloggers in a big, organised meetup probably sometime this summer.


If there are just a few of us we can simply meet up at a cafe or bar in a central location and chat, if the idea proves more popular, a proper venue could be hired and something a bit more special organised! So, if you’re a female blogger based in or able to get to the UK, it doesn’t matter what kind of blog you write, I would love to hear from you! Similarly, ideas for venues, events, etc. would be welcomed, as would any offers of help when the organisation stage comes around.

Please also post this on your own blogs, so that other bloggers who haven’t heard of my tiny corner of the blogosphere yet can join in the fun, then join the UK Lady Bloggers at so we can start discussing the details! Updates will be regularly be posted to the Facebook Group for those of you who do not wish to participate in the organisation but want to be updated on what’s going on.

I really would love to meet some of you fabulous ladies who have made such a great impact on my life! xx

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