April Sparkle Roundup!

Sparkle Roundup!

Amongst all the admin this week I’ve read some brilliant posts by some amazing bloggers. I’ve definitely found some inspiring stuff, and added loads more blogs to my Google reader!

I’m not going to advise people to go out and enjoy the sunshine this week, since I’ve spent most of it in front of my computer, albeit with the window open!

* First up I’m going to break the mold a little and say that if you add one blog to your regular reads this week, make it Positively Present! I can’t choose one article to recommend to you, so I’m recommending the whole blog instead. Give it a read, it’s truly brilliant!

* Part of the Writing Tips series on TwentySomething Writers is this very interesting article on Creating a Character complete with a suggested profile to fill in with all your character’s essential information.

* Chris Guillebeau has written a list entitled “26 People I Highly Respect” which is exactly what the title says it is. He has selected some truly inspiring and fascinating people, and you’re sure to find someone new to read the blog of or follow on Twitter.

* Positive Living has an article that I hope will be very useful for me sometime soon, “How to Perform Well at a Job Interview“. A lot of bloggers have written articles of this type at some point, but this one is particularly good and I’d feel completely confident in following the tips given here.


* “30 Fun Things To Do For Cheap or Free” is a great list on Code For Something with some really good ideas to pass the time when you’re broke, saving or just don’t want to part with any cash.

* Empty Purse also has some excellent ideas for “Free Things to do Alone“.

* Steve Pavlina’s “Productivity 101” has probably been featured on most peoples’ link posts by now, but is definitely worth repeating because it’s an exceedingly helpful read.

* Despite the occasional bout of Mac envy, I’m a PC user through and through, and a Windows user at least until my course ends (I’d probably be running Linux on my laptop if the College of Law’s online tutorials didn’t require Internet Explorer). I found Probloggers list of “Seven Essential Applications For Bloggers Using Windows” to be a great resource and I’ve already installed a couple of them. Blogging Tools 3 may well consist partially of my opinions on them!

* A very interesting perspective, “Blogs Aren’t Dead, They’re Maturing“.

I hope you’re enjoying the weekend, I know I am!



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