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The First UK Lady Bloggers Meetup!

On Friday, I awoke at the normal time for a work-day and set off to catch a coach to London (instantly regretting the decision to save money – if I’d paid a little more for a train ticket I could have had a nice lie-in). The reason? I was going to meet some of the fabulous ladies from the UK Lady Bloggersgroup, for what would hopefully be the first of many meetups!

Ladies Blogger Meetup

This being a first attempt, we were expecting a few hiccups along the way but with the help of Twitter we all managed to find each-other quite easily, and settled down for a drink and a chat – cocktails at lunchtime for some of us! After breaking the ice, we took the tube to South Kensington to visit the wonderful Hummingbird Bakeryfor some delicious cupcakes, but being a group of 8 there wasn’t enough room for us, so we quickly dashed across the road to a convenient pub to hide from the rain and subtly enjoy the sugary goodness! After some more substantial food we went to Covent Garden for a wander around the shops, including a fabulous toy shop, then went our separate ways.

Overall it was a lovely day spent getting to know some fabulous ladies, as well as brainstorming ideas for the next UK Lady Bloggers Meetup, which promises to be bigger and even better! If you’re a UK-based female blogger interested in meeting up, please join the UK Lady Bloggers network to share your ideas!

A write-up with some photos courtesy of Hayles is posted on my blog!

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