The Ultimate guide to making the perfect welcome bag for your wedding

If you had decided upon having a destination wedding for your big day, a sign of courtesy for recognizing your guest’s efforts can be displayed via preparing a specially crafted welcome bag filled with useful goodies and decorative items. After all, they have taken their valuable time off from their busy schedule to share the joy with you and made a huge commitment by paying for airfares to be with you on your special occasion.

Wedding Bag Make Yourt Own

There is some workable ideas and suggestion to designing a welcome bag. First up is drafting the welcome note or short letter. Hand written notes are good starting points to include in the welcome pack. Show your sincerity in expressing your appreciation by writing on every single card. Other information can also be included such as wedding schedule, contact person and a location address for easy reference. A wedding party cannot be without a starter pack. Kick off your big day by serving a welcome drink conveniently inserted in the welcome bag. A great way is to give every guest a welcome cocktail complete with essential ingredients. Customary starting drink usually comes with mint, brown sugar, lime and small soda water packed in a tiny container.  Ensure mock tail alternatives are available for non-drinkers.

Prepare ample supplies of local snacks and delights. In Italy, there is the Silat. In Turkey, there is the borek. In the Philippines there are dried mangoes. In Singapore, bakkwa is by far the best possible local delight. Your guests would love to have a taste of local flavors and indulge in some fine mouth-watering snacks. Prepare some local clothing or traditional garments for your guests to spice up the wedding atmosphere. Scottish kilt is the most significant cultural piece for Scotland, for instance. You can dress up your guests while organizing a mini contest for most photogenic pictures taken. Winners get to receive great prizes all in the name of fun and excitement.

Destination weddings involve heavy planning and logistical support. Some suppliers may come in handy to run the backend operations for your big day. One of it is having themed toiletries. Do not be stingy on providing a pleasant toiletries such as fruit scented body wash or specialized lotions. Small tiny luxury should be afforded in this area. They will look great in the pictures as well – treat your photographer!

Friends and members of the family will arrive as guests and double up as tourists. They are eager to explore the best places for sightseeing and food. Get ready tour guide information cards for their easy reference for getting about during their stay. Hotels are ever willing to dish out detailed tour packs and directions in hopes of getting people to board their services.

A great bag and a cute one is the perfect wrap for all the above essentials. A personalized custom made bag would be a great fit as a goodie bag for all guests. A matching bag aligned with the wedding theme is one good example. Online vendors are ready at your service to bring your idea to fruition. It is functional yet stylish and your guest will definitely remember the kind thoughts.

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