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About Sparkle Ang Glitter – The Uk Wedding Blog

The UK Wedding BlogWelcome to Sparkle and Glitter, a blog-zine project that attempts to observe the sparkle and glitter that makes our daily lives shine a little brighter and helps make life a bit more interesting!

In creating Sparkle and Glitter I hoped to share some of my interests, experiences and the things I’ve learned in my quest to make life sparkle a little more. I don’t claim to be one of those personal development expert bloggers, or a professional blogger in any capacity, I simply wish to impart what I’ve discovered with a wider audience, connect with some amazing people and engage with others on subjects I’m passionate about which include style, fashion, food, positivity, “geekery” and life in general!

As the great David Bowie sings, “I’m happy, hope you’re happy too”, I believe that by sharing what makes us smile, we can all share in the sparkle, which is why I love blogging phenomena such as Things I Love Thursday spearheaded by Gala Darling. These celebrations of the good things in life allow us all to share in each-others’ happiness and in making us think hard about the positive things, help us recognise the sparkle in all our lives.

I love comments, suggestions, even constructive criticism, life is a learning experience and everyone has something to teach so share your thoughts with me! Contributors are always welcome so if you want to let the blogosphere know how you made your week sparkle, please email me on: sparkle and glitter @ rocketmail. com (without the spaces).

What makes you Sparkle?

Who am I?

Vicky From Sparkle And Glitter Wedding Bloga

My name is Vicki and like many people, I have gone through stages of my life where I have felt disillusioned and downright bored at the direction my life is going. Something I have always prided myself on, however, is my desire to change things I am not satisfied with. Many people thought I was insane for changing university course with only one year to go, but I realised I was unhappy, and I was never going to fulfil my academic potential on a course I wasn’t enjoying. After changing, I graduated last year with a 2-1 in a discipline which held my interest until the end, and have now embarked upon a further study to become a lawyer, as well as holding down a full-time job.

This project is my way of making sure that no matter how much pressure I’m under I leave a little time to sparkle!

Just for the fun of it, a much younger me!

I am a firm believer that our experiences make us who we are, so although spending long periods of one’s childhood in hospital would not be everyones’ cup of tea (although I am always grateful to the amazing staff who made those stays as enjoyable as possible, and about whom there may be a future post in the making), I wouldn’t swap any of my experiences for anything, as they made me the person I am today.