Sparkle Monthly Roundup – March

I’m a little late with the Sparkle Roundup this week, sorry about that! It’s been yet another great week for posts, including some fabulous inspiration and lifestyle posts that I’ve really enjoyed reading.

  • * Avid readers need look no further than Penelope Bat‘s fabulous blog for “The Cocoa Guide to Discovering Sparkling Novels” a wonderful article that’s caused me to add several more titles to my Amazon wishlist.
  • * Learn This features an article with “8 Methods to Find Inspiration” and  Coral Stars,a beautifully-designed site has “5 Ways to Maintain Your Inspiration“, the perfect follow-up and essential reading to all creative types.
  • * The Positivity Blog is yet again a really inspiring read with “How to Build Self Confidence: 6 Essential and Timeless Tips” an excellent article.
  • * “Perfectionism is such a waste of your time” is the latest brilliant post on Tiny Thoughts, and makes some really insightful points.
  • * Dollface has posted an article that will be exceedingly interesting to many women – “Debunking the PMS Myth“, an excellent piece despite the fact that it ruins my monthly excuse to be moody!
  • * Another issue that affects many women and an increasing number of men is dealt with sensitively and informatively by I’ll Follow the Sun in “The Truth About Eating Disorders“.
  • * Kikolani shares more useful blogging tips with “9 Ways to Use Social Networking for Blog Promotion“.

* A Beautiful Dream has managed to make me long to be back in full-time education with “How to Survive the First Week at Uni“, a great guide with lots of useful tips!

* “How to pack for a long weekend when you hate checking luggage” is an awesome post from Smaggle, I just wish I had a holiday booked so I could use the tips!

* Already Pretty‘s “Clothing Care Tips” post is brilliant, I hadn’t heard of many of these before and I’m sure that being as clumsy as I am they’ll come in very handy!

* Once again there have been several fabulous posts on Tres Lola, in particular, “Credit Crunch Beauty: Essential Beauty Habits to Develop & Avoid OverConsumerism“.

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and have fabulous plans for the week ahead! xx

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