Bloggers Roundup In March

It’s Sunday morning and I’m compiling this post over a delicious cup of coffee before I decide what to have for breakfast. Sadly, I have a lot of work to do later on in the day but I always try to take some time to myself on a Sunday morning and take my time over things. It sets me up for the day so that even if I’ve had to spend the whole weekend studying, I feel like I’ve at least taken some time to relax before the working week ahead.

I urge you to take a few minutes out of your Sunday to relax with your beverage of choice and read these links, there have been some truly marvelous posts this week!

* Bleeding Espresso this week has held a Freelance Writing Week with some truly amazing resources for anyone interested in trying to work in that field. Starting with “Is Freelance Writing For You?” the series is a must-read if you’ve even so much as considered trying to make any money writing for others. Read each post in the series and you will find a truly excellent resource to help you in your career!

* Visit Problogger for “Six Very Official Ways to Improve Your Writing“, reading this has made me think a lot more about the way I write and certainly encouraged me to edit a little more carefully than I perhaps have been doing.  They’re definitely tips that anyone who writes anything can learn from.

* Considering a career in Fashion? Vice Magazine currently features a series called “Fashion Slave Diary” the first of which is here. It’s an exceedingly interesting look into the world of a fashion internship and I found it a fascinating read – it’s great to compare the reality with how the job is represented on film.

* Amy Palko’s recently-launched blog opened with a range of resources about online marketing, and it’s definitely worth subscribing to and reading the archives. “Online Networking & the Personal Touch” provokes a lot of thought on how we present ourselves online and is well worth a read.

* Skelliewag is a blog I’ve only recently started reading and I really should catch up with the archives as there is a great wealth of information on this blog. “Escaping Niches” is all about writing what you find interesting, not conforming to a single, narrow subject area just because it seems like a good way to eventually earn a living from blogging. It has never been my intention to make a profit from this blog, but posts such as these still give me lots of ideas on how to become a better blogger.

*Waxing Lady – Allison tried all those waxing beans and here are the results!

* Kylie has written a really sweet post on “Unconditional Self-Love” that’s fabulously motivating and positive.

* If you’re one of the lucky people who’s starting a new job at the moment then “Things to Pack on Your First Day of Work” by Average20Something is definitely worth a look.

* Charade’s “How to Make Thrifting Work for You” is possibly the most comprehensive post I’ve seen yet on this subject. When I have a free Saturday I’m definitely trying out a few of these tips!

* Tiny Thoughts features a fabulous guest post, “6 steps to a killer mix CD“, which has inspired me to go through my music collection and create some amazing playlists for different occasions.

* “Feeling Happier: 9 Tips for Making Yourself Feel Better in a Crisis” is a great read from “The Happiness Project“, a really positive, uplifting blog full of realistic ideas and ways to make every day that little bit happier!

* Stylish lady Aimee Marie has posted a comprehensive guide to “Defining Your Style“, a great one to read if you need to kick-start yourself into refreshing your style for Spring!

* The Princess Portal is a totally adorable blog and this week’s offering will help you feel like a princess in your day to day life. “Creating a Daily Routine” is all about living as fabulously as you can and even though I simply don’t have the time to follow many of these tips, it has inspired me to take more time out to attend to the little luxuries in life that tend to get pushed to the wayside when I’m in a hurry.


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