Pure Positivity

Pure Positivity

Positive Thoughts

Gem, from Half Accidental, who I’m sure it wasn’t hard to guess is becoming one of my favourite bloggers, today posted a really inspiring piece asking her readers to Focus on the Positives. I would encourage everyone to read this post, particularly if you need reminding from time to time just how brilliant and talented you are. She encourages readers to write a list of all the things we’re good at, which I have chosen to do here. If you decide to write one too, please comment with a link so I can see it!

* I learn quickly, and find it relatively easy to grasp and understand new concepts. * I’m always full of creative ideas. * I can write, and I enjoy doing so. * I enjoy cooking and I think I’m pretty good at it, even if presentation isn’t quite my key skill (so everything ends up looking like a car crash but tasting great)!* I’m one of those annoying people who truly believes that if I put my mind to something they can achieve anything. * I can be completely self-sufficient and independent when I need to be, without being overwhelmed. * I speak well, something I think is much under-valued these days. (I sound like such an old woman sometimes!)* I’m generous to a fault and cannot stand to see anyone suffering, even if they’re someone I don’t know / don’t like all that much, I’ll help if I’m at all able.* If I have a problem I can’t “fix” I’m pretty good at devising a way to cope with it and making it work. * Despite being a bit of a… challenging, shall we say, shape, I get regular compliments on my outfit choices, so I must be doing something right there!* I have great legs, fact. So, tell me what’s great about you and spread the word, everyone needs a little positivity on a cold Monday morning!

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